Dr. Maribel Montes


Dentist / Owner

Dr. Montes co-founded Woodside Dental Care in 1994, with a strong dedication and passion to serve her community and give her patients the beautiful smile they seek, while utilizing the latest technology and techniques in Dentistry. She is continuously receiving education in dentistry to be able to educate her patients as well as her office staff with the best advances in dentistry. She is very proud to have an office with a beautiful state of art architecture and commodities. Dr. Montes earned her Doctor in Dental Surgery degree from New York University Dental School in 1990. She completed a general practice residency at Metropolitan Hospital in 1992. She completed a fellowship in dentistry for the developmentally disabled patient at Stony Brooks Dental School in 1993. Dr. Montes worked as an associate attending Metropolitan Hospital, Coler Memorial Hospital and Lutheran Memorial Hospital. At Lutheran Memorial Hospital, she worked under the pediatric dental department teaching the pediatric dental resident to treat the developmentally disabled patients in a regular dental setting as well as in the operating room under general anesthesia. Dr. Montes continues to treat the special patients with disabilities as well as the apprehensive dental patients with strong dedication and passion.

Education and training

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